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Committed to helping deserving children achieving their goals


Kupple Dev Lamba

Kupple Dev Lamba was born in Harni in the state of Jammu and Kashmir to Madan Lal Lamba and Satya Devi Lamba. He studied there till middle school after which the family moved to Poonch. While he loved the simple life of the mountains (and still does!), he was also inspired by his mother's desire to study, to see the world outside the narrow lanes of Poonch, and hopefully bring some of that wisdom back to his karm bhoomi. 


KD went on to study in Jammu University and then Jawaharlal University in Delhi. He has been a banker for a majority of his professional career, working at Bank of Baroda. He was fortunate to head the Bank's operations in New York and London. After retiring from Bank of Baroda, he was an executive at the Hinduja Bank. Now, he runs his own financial consulting firm, Nishtha Advisory, named after his daughter. 


KD is committed to fulfilling his mother's dream of a better life for the children of Jammu and Kashmir by setting up a level playing field, whereby those less fortunate can compete through the platform of a better education.

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Mr. Neelam Lamba

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Mr. Harvind Lamba

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Mr. Ashok Anand

Management and Faculty (Jammu)
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Mrs. Suman Bala Johar
Ms. Sonia Rajput
(B.Sc. Medical, PG: Political Science)
Mrs. Kunti Devi Sharma
(BSc, B.Ed)
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