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  • To transform lives through Education.

  • To create/ promote awareness about better health and education. 

  • To establish a free coaching center for underprivileged children to give them equal opportunity to compete with other for a better advance education and jobs.  

  • To grant or give scholarships, prizes, rewards and other financial assistance to help them to catch their dreams  through  better health and education. 

  • To work towards helping the society to eliminate child labor by creating awareness among parents, children and employers. 

  • Family counselling and creating awareness of sanitation, better health  and education among poor community. 

  • To provide hostel and residential accommodation where students have difficulties in  and  when consider necessary for student or staff. 

  • To arrange and organize the social and educational seminars, competition from time to time.

  • To provide equal opportunities for education to children from lower strata of society by arranging opportunities and giving concessions, scholarships, from needy and deserving families. 

  • To arrange sponsors from around the world, individuals /corporates /Charitable foundations for all financial assistance of children  showing good performance in their education and aspiring to do big for themselves and country. 

  • To arrange coach, teachers to part education and o monitor the objectives of trust are performed as per dreams of Late Smt. Satya Devi  and the trustees. 

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