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The overarching mission of our foundation is to work towards Satya Devi’s desire that children from her land, and especially those from underprivileged families, have the opportunity to get better education in life.

Satya Devi Foundation was registered in February 2019 by Kupple Dev Lamba and family members in the city of Jammu.

Kupple Dev Lamba, founder, had faced problems during his childhood in the war prone zone of Poonch district. Many children, who are willing and have capabilities to do well in life, are left to the mercy of their fate because of education standard and poverty. To fill the gap, he has started a foundation, which is named after and in the loving memory of Smt. Satya Devi Lamba (1930-1988), the matriarch of the family, wife of Shri Madan Lal Lamba (1929-1978).


The primary mission of the Foundation is to spread access to education to those that are less fortunate and would otherwise be left behind. Its area of focus is the state of Jammu and Kashmir, a land of remarkable contradictions: endowed with pristine natural beauty and rich culture, but affected severely by decades of war. The greatest travesty of these man-made impediments has been the future of our children. More than 60 percent of the state is under the age of 30 and the demography is only expected to get younger over the next decade. 


The implementation of Satya Devi's vision of a better life for our children will be carried out through a variety of measures. Students will be helped with after school educational and extracurricular activities. They would be provided scholarships to study in reputed private and boarding schools. 


Some Glimpses of the

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